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By client-oriented tax consulting, we mean complete transparency towards the client and a qualitative optimization of our services concerning the client’s individual requirements.

Without the expertise of a tax advisor, it is currently almost impossible to achieve transparency in tax matters. We take the time to work out personal solutions for you, as the tax framework is often difficult to understand, unfamiliar, and unknown due to the constantly changing tax legislation.

Despite repeated efforts to simplify tax law, the plethora of regulations and formalisms continues to increase.

For this reason, our clients have trusted our expertise since 2004.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about the firm and the consulting concept. I look forward to hearing from you!

Martina Konle
Diplom-Betriebswirtin (FH)

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Office Team

Pleasure with clients, pleasure with people – is our philosophy. Our profession is as exciting as our clients and life. As a modern service company for tax issues, we work as a team to provide you with the best possible advice – personally and individually. To live up to this claim, trust, and closeness, are essential in the relationship with our clients. Therefore, we stand for this with our name and are always available to you as a personal contact person.

  • Martina Konle, Owner

    Tax Consultant and Business Management Graduate

    • Foundation of Tax Office in 2004
    • Manager of tax department at RölfsPartner AG, Munich in 2003
    • Admitted as a tax consultant in 2002
    • Assistant in tax consultancy and auditing at KPMG Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft 1996 – 2002
    • Studied at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences for Design and Technology with a period of study at Brighton University, UK
    • Focus: Tax consultancy with various businesses and private persons.
    • All consulting services are offered in German and/or in English
  • Sibylle Heine

    Tax consultant and Business Management Graduate

    • Tax consultant with Martina Konle Steuerberatung since 2022
    • Manager in the tax department at Deloitte in the area of Global Employer Services with focus on international income tax and payroll tax consulting from 2008 to 2021
    • Consultant at PwC, tax department “International Assignment Solutions” from 2003 to 2008
    • Licensed tax consultant in 2007
    • Studies of business administration at the University of Mannheim
    • Main areas of activity: Tax consulting in an international context, in particular for private individuals
    • All consulting services are offered in German and/or English
  • Nicole Annecke

    Assistant tax consultant and accountant (IHK)


    • Tax returns
    • Accounting of medium-sized companies
  • Petra Salamon-Sebestyen

    Freelance tax specialist

    Main focus:

    • Tax returns
    • Bookkeeping
    • Office organization


In the case of complex and/or special issues, we can supplement our consulting services at any time by calling in proven specialists from a very extensive network.

Both I and my professional cooperation partner began their respective careers in large, internationally active auditing, law, or consulting firms and have a high level of experience in national and international tax, civil, business, and social security law.


  • icon_checkConsulting on tax issues
  • icon_checkTax returns for expatriates (with international reference)
  • icon_checkFinancial Accounting
  • icon_checkFinancial statements

icon_flagConsulting on tax issues

Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur, or an entire company – we will be happy to advise you on your tax situation. We would like to support you with valuable input and help you to implement your ideas in the best possible way within the scope of tax possibilities.

We take care of everything that has to do with the necessary tax return process for you! Not only do we prepare tax returns, but we also handle all correspondence with the tax office and review tax assessments. You do not have to worry about anything.

Despite the so-called “pre-filled tax return”, it is regularly not possible for the taxpayer alone to exhaust all deduction possibilities and tax advantages even with simple tax returns. As soon as you own real estate or participations or are acting as an entrepreneur yourself, the degree of difficulty for the preparation of your tax returns increases further.

Often there is not enough time and muse to collect all the documents, let alone fill out the forms yourself. Our clients appreciate that we relieve them of this burden as much as possible.

With regard to tax assessments, a competent review is indispensable, as often incorrect assessments are issued. We guarantee the timely enforcement of your claims.

icon_flagWe support expatriates with tax returns

Due to our many years of experience in large international tax consulting firms, we have built up a great deal of experience in advising on and handling internationally linked tax cases – which we are happy to pass on to our clients. In particular, the tax support of assignment programs and the handling of complex internationally linked income tax cases for expatriates distinguishes our knowledge and we enjoy it. This is precisely why we have specialized in this area.

We complement and enrich each other, as we have a holistic view of international issues due to our different professional experiences so far. As a team, we combine these to benefit our clients.

Expatriates are on an equal footing with German taxpayers from a tax law point of view, but additional special regulations often apply, which one needs to be aware of. It is often important to note that if you already pay taxes in Germany, you are still liable to pay taxes in your home country. Each country has its local regulations in this regard. In addition, there are the regulations of the double taxation treaties between Germany and the respective country (if any).

As a rule, this also means that expatriates must also file a tax return. In most cases, it is worthwhile to prepare tax returns, as German income tax law provides for many deductions in contrast to foreign tax laws.

To make it as easy as possible for you as an expatriate, we offer all services also in English. Our goal is to advise you personally and to actively accompany you in all your personal and individual questions in order to integrate you in Germany in the best possible way also from a tax point of view.

icon_flagWe support you with your financial accounting

In financial accounting, all financial business transactions are bundled and mapped. It provides the data for the determination of surpluses and the annual financial statements. At the same time, it is the basis for all business evaluations – for the past and the future!

As a conscientious entrepreneur, you should therefore pay particular attention to financial accounting and ensure that it is of high quality and up-to-date. Regardless of whether you prepare the financial accounting yourself or have outsourced it to an external service provider – meaningful financial accounting helps you in your business decisions. We are happy to support you in this!

By standardizing processes and using a common secured data platform between you and us, we guarantee an efficient and fast preparation of your financial accounting.

icon_flagWe support you in the preparation of your financial statements

The annual financial statement is the basis for profit sharing, distributions, and royalties and the basis for important decisions. We work out the annual financial statement or the profit calculation for you from the bookkeeping. We aim to work with you to optimize the transparency of financial relationships in your company!

Financial statements that are available promptly after the end of a business year often contain important findings for upcoming decisions about the future of a company.


  • icon_checkTime-saving
  • icon_checkFlexibility
  • icon_checkTransparency
  • icon_checkSecurity

In our office, we use the latest cloud applications from DATEV e.G. to meet the digital demands of our time. This ensures a faster, but at the same time very secure and efficient data exchange between you and us. Based on the digital data, we prepare your tax returns and take care of your financial accounting and payroll accounting. If you wish, we can also provide you with digital evaluations for your financial accounting and payroll accounting.

As a rule, we work with our clients in an end-to-end digital process, since scanned documents are now sufficient in many cases. You simply upload scanned receipts, documents, and evaluations via the certified DATEV cloud. For private individuals, this is the MyDATEV platform, and for companies, DATEV UNTERNEHMEN ONLINE. Both represent a common platform between you and us. You and we have individual access to the cloud, which offers various applications for optimal collaboration between client and tax advisor, as well as additional functions to make work easier:

  • Write quotations and invoices,
  • Process payment transactions or online banking,
  • Check account transactions and link to vouchers,
  • Cash book record,
  • and much more

The following advantages result from this:

  • icon_cloudTime-saving

    Paper receipts and documents no longer have to be physically exchanged between you and us. This means that the original receipts remain with you on-site, so you do not have to wait for them to be returned.

  • icon_cloudFlexibility

    You have access to the stored digital receipts, documents, and evaluations from financial accounting at any time via your Internet browser. This means that you always have a timely overview of our work. If you wish, we can also post on flexible posting dates and you do not have to wait for the regular monthly deadline.

  • icon_cloudTransparency

    You and we access the same data online, avoiding redundancies and enabling timely queries for better understanding.

  • icon_cloudSecurity

    The DATEV cloud is protected against third-party access and also represents an audit-proof document archiving system.


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